Sunday, July 13, 2014


Last Thursday July 10th in Paris, world renowned Cameroon designer Imane Ayissi had his collection launch in Paris. We received our invitation but however could not attend *sad face* while browsing I fall on a link with the images of the show combined with some on Imane's Facebook Page.

Imane Ayissi takes a different approach but still staying true to his brand in this new 2015 Spring Summer collection which is dubbed "Meullara". He makes a demi tour on his usual fabric choice opting for something fresh and unique. In it we see a display of African textiles, something from Ghana, from Mali, from Ivory Coast...with large boxy cuts that hides or accentuates, cropped tops, fitted ankle trousers, flared skirts, and very long and short elegant skirts. All together, the collection is fresh, chic and simple. I would have opted for a different hair and makeup styles for the models but it seems Imane was really being rebellious with this collection so I can only applaud his efforts.

Check out some of the images below...what cool shoes they had!!

What are your thoughts on the collection? Tell us!!

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Friday, July 4, 2014


Sara Coulibaly
My Miry is a brand that speaks to all women sensitive to fashion and style; the bold and the subtle, the classic and the fashionable. It combines that which is fantasy with that which is real life to create footwear, leather goods and accessories straight from their drawing board and manufacturer studios to the wardrobes of busy independent women like the most of us so we do not go by unnoticed.

Sara Coulibaly (pictured) the founder and head creative has a thing for feet. This Paris based Ivorian entrepreneur has a passion for making women’s feet look glamorous and sexy in a simple and elegant way. Over one year ago since she re-branded as “My Miry” which literally translates as “my thoughts” in the Malinké dialect, the brand has transformed itself into an affordable yet exclusive premium footwear and accessories brand crafted from the drawing board of Sara’s imagination, inspired by her own passions and brought to life in a studio in the South of Spain which enlists Carolina Herrera as a client.

Since her first pair of shoes, Sara Coulibaly has magnified through every pair the beauty of fusing materials, the resourcefulness of craftsmanship and the subtle yet eclectic contrast of colours which is seen in this new collection termed “Heaven

The concept on this new collection is comfort and simplicity – there are low pumps for the everyday woman who is confident in her own skin, there are high heels for the woman bringing some sexiness back into her step. The pieces are refined and elegant, modern and ethnic to accentuate the feet. A great quality fit adapted to the life of the woman in motion.

My desire is to see women’s feet look elegant in a comfortable way. The new collection is for any woman who loves beauty and simplicity” stated Sara.

Earlier this month, Sara Coulibaly also partnered on a 6 piece collection with French TV host Hapsatou Sy which was launched at the “Antikod” show in Paris which our PR girl also attended.

Would you like to see the collection? Well, check out the gallery for more.

Their shoes are certainly crafted from scratch to be worn by you with love...!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Kendra Thornton is a TV personality and travel advocate, PR businesswoman and wife and mother of 3 who has been featured on television shows like Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus.  She regularly shares her tips on planning, packing, and numerous other aspects of travel, and she is thrilled to be starting a new project on fashion as related to travel. 'Kendra's Night Out' challenge requires participants to create a style board of their choice with top fashion picks for one of her nights in the city that never sleeps - New York, New York.
Here is what Kendra had to say...

New York City is one of the most exciting places in the world to visit. In just a few short weeks, I will be meeting a group of friends for a vacation in the city. I am so excited that I began planning months ago. There is one thing that I did forget to plan and that is what to wear. With 3 kids, I have more of a mom wardrobe than a big city wardrobe. I know that I need a little update before leaving, so I created the Kendra Fashion Challenge. I am sure to find some expert fashion advice, so I will turn heads on my trip.

While visiting the city, my friends and I decided to spend a special evening out on the town at the Standard High Line Hotel. We will be enjoying a magical Sunset Service at the Top of the Standard. This classy supper club offers superb views of the city that practically glow as the sun sets over the city. While sipping specialty cocktails, we will enjoy some live jazz music and wonderful conversation. Their menu includes small plate meals that turn this into one of the city’s most glamorous supper clubs. I will need a snazzy new outfit for our evening out, since cocktail wear is required at this club.

Planning a trip to New York City can be overwhelming with so many things to do and see. However, it was a breeze with On this website, I found reviews written by recent travelers to the locations I was interested in seeing and got their honest opinions. While strolling along the city streets and visiting luxurious hotels like the Standard High Line Hotel, I want to turn heads for my trendy outfits that make me look like a native New Yorker not for my mom jeans. 

So that was is what I came up focus has been to merge/pair emerging design brands from the African fashion industry who have been on the spotlight but not on mainstream lips with luxury high end brands such as the black Givenchy envelope clutch, the Oscar de la Renta red satin box clutch and the Bottega Veneta knot satin clutch to complete the looks. For hair, I have gone with the swept back bun look with make up that can be as minimal or as daring as Kendra feels. When my Style board was sent to Kendra, she was very pleased on my choices and was appreciative of the thought process behind them. Here are the looks...





And there she has it...the choice of 3 simple but elegant key looks that will meet her objective of turning heads in New York City! What do you all think? Which would you personally go for? Leave your comments.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Brand name: DIDI
Creative founder: Tina Ndidi Ugo
Location: London, UK

This caught our attention today...slick on point styling and elegant, very haute model poses. DIDI is a luxury fashion brand which caters to the bold and fashionable providing them with clothing, accessories and bags.

Tina believes in quality and finishing and this can be seen in all her creations. The bags on show are made from the finest polished calf leather and batik prints.

For more info:

Photographer: Michael Stuart Daley


Friday, April 25, 2014


Hello dear readers, I apologise for the few number of posts on the blog. On my side behind the scenes, it is absolutely hectic! I am juggling life with overseeing a PR agency I recently launched as well as also trying to blog and keep up with the social media platforms.

Here is a little grand something I did today...

LONDONAIROBI is set to become the online destination for unique accessories by independent African designers. Put together by London designer Hannah and Nairobi stylist Wambui, they both scour the continent looking for designers creating unique and original pieces using materials from Africa's rich natural resources.

The online shop which is already running will allow you the shopper to explore the creativity of the continent, read the stories of the designers and to own a little piece from the continent.

The media launch I attended today in London was organised and managed by the brand's PR agency African Creative Collective, a newly launched agency led by award winning fashion dahling and former River Island PR manager - Arieta Mujay.

The launch featured an array of accessory items - neckpieces, rings, bangles, scarves and purses carefully arranged and creatively tucked around at the Loft Lounge of the Hospital Club on Covent Garden as guests sipped on drinks and munched on light canapés as well as got their nails done by the manicurists. Those present included designer reps, Terence Sambo of One Nigeria Boy, 2/3 of the CEO Dancers - Ezinne and Nqobile, Ms Arieta herself...some images below

Arieta modelling a few pieces!

Hannah and Nqobile

Hannah with Ezinne and Nqobile

Wambui wearing a Mina Evans beaded print skirt
So there you have it!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hello all, Happy Sunday to you and I hope that whatever your plans are for today that they will be fulfilled.

As the African continent is fast unveiling some major talent in the fashion and design sector, every day we come across a new brand from aspiring creative with a focus on creating luxurious, highly essential pieces for the fast growing fashion lovers. Cameroon is no different. Talents in the country are also working their socks off to catch up with this growing trend/demand.

We introduce you to Maison D’Afie a womenswear brand launched a few years back in the UK by Sarah Divine-Garba a young Cameroonian accountant who gave it up to follow her fashion dream. After a small short hiatus which allowed her to “live” a little and from her new base of Geneva in Switzerland, the lady is back with a whole new look and a different collection dubbed “Mami Nyanga”. 

Their new collection is a subtle romance between “street couture and tropical flavours giving rise to a few essential classic items.  The collection is made of 8 interchangeable pieces suitable for any occasion. The idea here is to achieve much with less.

She surely remained true to her brand by infusing tribal accents into the designs with the use of colour and embroidery of tribal art. Most of the work is artisanal with a lot of attention put into the cut.

Quality and practicality were the key drivers in her thought process. The collection features customised prints in silks, and polyester and there is indeed a pick for every lady.

Check out the pieces below...

The look book is also available on:

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