Friday, December 24, 2010


Hope you have a wonderful festive period with your family, friends and acquaintances!

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Friday, October 1, 2010


Hazel Aggrey-Orleans is the German-born, Nigerian-raised and London-dwelling creator behind this unique label.   

Drawing her inspiration from the colour and the buzz of Lagos city’s chaotic streets, the self-taught designer’s first experiment with African and Indian fabrics produced a stunning scarf collection. 

Her creativity has evolved to dazzle fans at Brighton Fashion Week and beyond.  Critics at Bella Naija and Style House have adored her coveted blends of silk and vibrant prints.

In a just under 2 weeks time, Hazel will participate at the second annual CamerCouture Fashion Showcase a funky style hub organised by Votre Avant Garde (VAG) a marketing and PR company producing bespoke events for corporate and private clients.
The show is a platform for emerging as well as established African designers to connect with international fashion marketers, buyers and enthusiasts. The shows are out of the box spectacles that portray the richness, glamour and class of African vogue and culture.

Set in London's triendiest spots, the annual CamerCouture shows are glitzy and media packed with representatives from the BBC to Sky News!

For this years' show, they have gone international to include participating designers from all over Africa rather than just Cameroon and their theme is "African Decadence" to portray the opulence and grandeur that Africa is.

October 16th is the date, Shoreditch Studios is the venue and the time is 6pm.

Check out some of Hazel's pieces and you can also catch her at the show.

This event is a not to be missed. The confirmed guests include Sebastien Bassong and Benoit Assou Ekotto of Spurs FC, Ozwald Boateng's marketing manager, Sky News, the BBC, and much more!

Ticket prices are:
£35 for standard, £45 for second row and £65 for front row (SOLD OUT).
Get your tickets by visiting

Catch their promo video here:

Make sure YOU are there and don't forget your cameras and autograph booklet!
For more information on the Eki Orleans label, please visit their website here:

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


A venture of award-winning friends, Maryanne E Mokoko and Stephanie T Mouapi, Côté Minou (CM) weaves a modern twist into traditional African couture. Inspired by rhythm, geometry and culture, the pair designs elegant chic for all occasions.

Winners of the Annual African Designers and Models Competition (USA), Mokoko and Mouapi have appeared on Fox TV, Voice of America and graced the pages of prestigious magazines including Canoe, Haute and Uzuri.

The girls will be featuring their newest collection at the upcoming CamerCouture Fashion Showcase scheduled for the 16th of October.   This will be their first ever fashion show outside of the USA and the girls are particulary excited about visiting London and taking part at this exclusive annual fashion event.

Check out some of their fabbulous pieces below.

If trendy, modern African chic is your thing then catch this duo at the upcoming CamerCouture Fashion Showcase, Saturday 16th October at the Shoreditch Studios, 29B New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY.
Tickets cost, £50 for standard, £60 for second row and £75 for front row if you want VIP treatment and if you would like to rub shoulders with fashion editors, High Commissioners, premier league and national team footballers and more at their exclusive VIP gallery lounge ;-)

Tickets are sold on Ticketweb via their website
Get yours NOW as none will be sold at the door.
See you there!

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We all know that Africa is en Vogue and there is no denial that the African fashion scene is rising and rising. Over the last year, there have been lots of celebrities spotted in African chic and countless mainstream designers have spoken about going back to Africa for insipiration for their fashion collections.

Gwen Stefani caused a stir when she was papped last week in an African inspired dress. It turns out that the designer behind the L.A.M.B clothing label was wearing a piece from their Spring Summer 2011 African inspired collection. The L.A.M.B label is a personification of Gwen Stefani's style, personality and music.

Below are some pieces off the collection. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Vogue Magazine's fabulous Fashion's Night Out kicked off  last Wednesday September 8th and if shopping, partying, celeb spotting and people watching is your thing then I sure hope you checked it out!

From Stella McCartney to Diane Von Furstenberg at Studio 54 to Manolo Blahnick's  World of Manolo launch at Liberty's, there was something for everyone!

Matthew Williamson, the ever innovative and avantgarde designer once more looked into Africa for his inspiration and this time he teamed up with the MoMo chain to bring a unique Moroccan experience to his shop.

Catch the video here

Happy watching!
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The CamerCouture Fashion Showcase organised by Votre Avant Garde (VAG) is fast approaching and this year they have gone international to include designers who are not from Cameroon. They are the celebrating Africa's opulence by theming the show "African Decadent" to portray Africa’s unsurpassed beauty, its cultural richness and the way these aspects shine through fashion and art.

The show will continue to unveil established as well as emerging African creators to an international audience who are otherwise oblivious of their stylistic originality.

As Africa's fashion scene fast develops and is firmly appreciated by leaders in mainstream fashion such as Vogue, New York, Paris and London Fashion Weeks, ASOS, Saks on Fifth Avenue etc so does shows such as CamerCouture who are out to breach that gap between emerging talents and the public who hunger to know more of this fashion scene.

In the coming few days, I will showcase some of the works of the designers taking part in the upcoming show to give you all a taster of what is to come on that day. If you were at the 2009 show, be warned that you will arrive to a transformed venue! Expect lush, sexy tones of red, black and gold. From the moment you arrive, through to the catwalk show and performances, it is organised to be a one hundred percent classy experience!

Today, the designer I will be focusing on will be: Yemi Osunkoya the designer behind the Kosibah label.
Nigerian high society weddings, Diana Ross’ costumes and Jerry Hall’s gravity defying gowns, ignited Yemi Osunkoya’s passion for fashion. Following a degree in Textile Design at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, he headed for London’s Paris Academy of Fashion from which he graduated with top marks in men’s and women’s wear. 

Undaunted by the 1991 economic recession, the half Beninese creator, set up Kosibah Creations, now Kosibah. He has since adorned the bodies of A-list celebrities including actress, Indra Ové, Kelly Rowland, Alesha Dixon, politician,Diane Abbott and several royal families in Nigeria and Ghana.

Check out some of his pieces below.

All pictures from Yemi Osunkoya 
Join his facebook group here
His website here

Tickets for the show are:
£50 for standar
£60 for second row
£75 for first row

Prices include drinks reception, food and catwalk show charges. VIP guests will have the advantage of a “first look” at the catwalk and a one-on-one with designers. They will also enjoy an exclusive gallery lounge experience with champagne, waiters and the services of a dedicated VAG VIP wellbeing officer.

Tickets can be purchased by going to
This is an event not to be missed!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


It is nearly that time of the year again where Votre Avant Garde (VAG), the organisers behind the annual CamerCouture Fashion Showcase bring you their spectacular event termed "African Decadence" showcasing an array of stunning fashion pieces.

Launching last year as a portal for only promoting Cameroonian designers, this year they have gone international to include designers from an African background.

The show will feature Yemi Osunkoya of the Kosibah label, Nigeria's top high society bridal dress maker as well as Alain Martial Tapolo (Martial Tapolo), Olafemi Bela and Deena Dee of Deenola label and Maryanne Mokoko and Stephanie Mouapi of Cote Minou. Debra Debs will serenade the crowd with some acoustic tracks and an auction will follow to raise funds for their charity, The Rhema Grace Orphanage in Ombe, Cameroon.

Like last year, CamerCouture 2010 will be held at the Shoreditch Studios (29B New Yard Inn, London EC2A 3EY) but guests will arrive to a transformed venue. Expect lush and sexy tones of red, black and go ld. From the moment guests arrive through to the catwalk show and performance acts, it will be a one hundred percent classy experience, promised the show coordinator Soraya Sone.

Tickets cost:
Standard: £50
Second Row: £60
Front Row: £75

Prices include drinks reception, food and catwalk show charges. VIP guests will have the advantage of a "first look"  at the catwalk. They will also enjoy an exclusive gallery lounge experience with champagne, waiters and the services of a dedicated  VAG VIP wellbeing officer.

Oh wowwww, you definitely do not want to miss this!
Tickets will be sold via their website

For more info, contact:
Cynthia Anduhtabe @ 07834 321 373 /
Isabel Bezeng @ 07733 735 515 /
Ngum Ngafor @ 07944 043 954 /

See you there and spread the word!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


How glamourous and sexy is this lady? Very very fashionable!!
(Pic from Mrs O blog)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Theresa Burger is a jewellery designer that spends most of her time in Cape Town, South Africa and Dublin, Ireland. She is very passionate about design and she has a degree in jewellery design and manufacture.
Below are some of the pieces from her new collection she termed "Africa Rich"

Check her out here

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Michelle Obama, the first lady of the US was papped on Friday wearing this batik dress by our very own London designer of Nigerian descent; Bunmi Olaye during her trip in Spain.

The label Bunmi Koko was launched last year by Bunmi Olaye and her partner and so far so good for the designer who has managed to accumulate a celebrity following now including the first lady and her muse, Melanie Brown (former spice girl).

Reported interest from high street giants Harrods could escalate this brand further to an even higher status due to its niche clientele.

With a feature on Vogue online, the future is certainly bright for this young entrepreneur!
Go here for more on the feature.
Her website:

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Oh what a discovery I just made today on another fashion blog! I hereby bring you Clutch Culture the lovechild of diverse colours and rich prints that come together to create a very unique collection of clutch purses designed and hand-made by Mo Handahu.

According to this lady, fabrics have no boundaries when it comes to texture, colour and print, which gives her a platform to experiment and find harmonious ways to match different fabrics. This, and a desperate need of self expression through this timeless accessory has birthed the Clutch Culture brand.

The name Clutch Culture comes from a desire to create an integrated attitude within women. A collective mindset that encompasses an appreciation for the colours and prints that the world has to offer; ergo, a culture.

These versatile clutches can cross over from day to evening wear. Clutch Culture is for fashion savvy women who are unapologetic about their awareness of self and have surrendered themselves to originality. The collections will encourage women to renew their sense of exploration and wander back into the world of colour.

Clutch Culture is an embodiment of beautiful batiks, gorgeous printed cottons, West African wax prints and a plethora of other materials. All clutches are handmade and each individual style has only a limited amount of clutches to allow for exclusivity.

Enjoy being a woman and re-define your style with Clutch Culture - Never be apologetic for your sense of self and style!

Check out these fab beauties!

Would you like to get your hands on these?? Well, don't fret as you can purchase online via her site here.
Happy shopping!

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