Friday, April 25, 2014


Hello dear readers, I apologise for the few number of posts on the blog. On my side behind the scenes, it is absolutely hectic! I am juggling life with overseeing a PR agency I recently launched as well as also trying to blog and keep up with the social media platforms.

Here is a little grand something I did today...

LONDONAIROBI is set to become the online destination for unique accessories by independent African designers. Put together by London designer Hannah and Nairobi stylist Wambui, they both scour the continent looking for designers creating unique and original pieces using materials from Africa's rich natural resources.

The online shop which is already running will allow you the shopper to explore the creativity of the continent, read the stories of the designers and to own a little piece from the continent.

The media launch I attended today in London was organised and managed by the brand's PR agency African Creative Collective, a newly launched agency led by award winning fashion dahling and former River Island PR manager - Arieta Mujay.

The launch featured an array of accessory items - neckpieces, rings, bangles, scarves and purses carefully arranged and creatively tucked around at the Loft Lounge of the Hospital Club on Covent Garden as guests sipped on drinks and munched on light canapés as well as got their nails done by the manicurists. Those present included designer reps, Terence Sambo of One Nigeria Boy, 2/3 of the CEO Dancers - Ezinne and Nqobile, Ms Arieta herself...some images below

Arieta modelling a few pieces!

Hannah and Nqobile

Hannah with Ezinne and Nqobile

Wambui wearing a Mina Evans beaded print skirt
So there you have it!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hello all, Happy Sunday to you and I hope that whatever your plans are for today that they will be fulfilled.

As the African continent is fast unveiling some major talent in the fashion and design sector, every day we come across a new brand from aspiring creative with a focus on creating luxurious, highly essential pieces for the fast growing fashion lovers. Cameroon is no different. Talents in the country are also working their socks off to catch up with this growing trend/demand.

We introduce you to Maison D’Afie a womenswear brand launched a few years back in the UK by Sarah Divine-Garba a young Cameroonian accountant who gave it up to follow her fashion dream. After a small short hiatus which allowed her to “live” a little and from her new base of Geneva in Switzerland, the lady is back with a whole new look and a different collection dubbed “Mami Nyanga”. 

Their new collection is a subtle romance between “street couture and tropical flavours giving rise to a few essential classic items.  The collection is made of 8 interchangeable pieces suitable for any occasion. The idea here is to achieve much with less.

She surely remained true to her brand by infusing tribal accents into the designs with the use of colour and embroidery of tribal art. Most of the work is artisanal with a lot of attention put into the cut.

Quality and practicality were the key drivers in her thought process. The collection features customised prints in silks, and polyester and there is indeed a pick for every lady.

Check out the pieces below...

The look book is also available on:

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Friday, November 22, 2013


So I have come to the end of the #Print4AWeek challenge. Incase you didn't know, the #Print4AWeek challenge was set up when renowned online boutique My Asho twitted me on Twitter and asked if I would wear print as a challenge. As if!!

Yes of course I replied back in a shot and asked if they were kidding and they said they were serious and after a few DMs  and emails to and fro, we settled everything and I picked up a few pieces which included items from Toju Foyeh, YouMeWe, Bestow Elan, Kiki Clothing, Mina Evans and Christie Brown.

So what was the aim of the challenge? To show how effective and appropriate print can be even in the strictest and most conservative of office environments. Here is how I incorporated mine...

Monday Look - Toju Foyeh embroidered peplum top

Tuesday Look - YouMeWe print wrap skirt

Wednesday Look - Bestow Elan Metropolis peplum

Thursday Look - Kiki Clothing Tunic print dress

And my Friday Look consisted of the Button Bib Necklace by Ghanaian brand Christie Brown. Images below...

So there you have it!! 5 days wearing 5 different print items in my conservative insurance City girl life!!
So I am sad to say bye bye to the #Print4AWeek challenge all sponsored by My Asho Market, your online destination for affordable African brands. 

You can shop here:

Many thanks to Dolapo and Dolapo at My Asho. Many thanks to my photographer friend Valeria Arseni.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013


We are nearly at the end of the #Print4AWeek challenge sponsored by My Asho sad!! So to recap, the challenge was to show how print can be effective and appropriate even for the strictest and most conservative of office environment.

So for 5 days, I incorporated an element of print into my style and these pieces were sponsored by renowned online boutique My Asho. The Market section of My Asho is where you can easily purchase affordable premium African brands.

Okay so on Thursday, this is what I wore...

Tunic dress by Kiki Clothing sold at My Asho Market
Suit blazer by Topshop
Red shoes by Dorothy Perkins
Accessories from Zara

In pictures here it is...

Did you know it was absolutely freezing that day?! I had a keep it all together for the camera but inside I was shaking like a wet dog lol!!

See you tomorrow!

Shop shop shop here:

Many thanks to my photographer and great friend Valeria Arseni, she was so fab giving up her lunch time to take pics of me around the City of London. We had fun though :)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So here goes the midweek look with my print sponsored by My Asho Market...what was I wearing?

Metropolis Peplum Top by Bestow Elan
Black Fitted Jeans
Pink shoes by New Look

In pictures, here goes...


Oh yes, time to strut down the City catwalk lol!! It was a fab shape shaping top I must say!! I loved wearing it ;)

You too can shop affordable African brands by clicking here:

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Many thanks to my wonderful photographer Valeria Arseni. See you tomorrow!!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This was the ultimate challenge for me because I love fashion and certainly dressing up too. Look good to feel good they say, oh yesss I agree! So for one working week, renowned online boutique My Asho were prepared to loan me some items from their affordable closet (Market) to wear to work.

The idea of the challenge was to show that print can be effective even in the most conservative of environments. So I picked up a bag of items decided what I was going to wear what day and I was ready to go!

Yesterday I presented my Monday look which consisted of an embroidered print peplum top by Nigerian design brand Toju Foyeh. I paired that with a black Dorothy Perkins knee length skirt and cream shoes which are my fav at the moment ;)

Today, my Tuesday look was made of...
Print wrap skirt by YouMeWe
White shirt by Gap
Paired with monochrome shoes...images below...who wants a ride or die chica?!

There goes the Tuesday look with my print sponsored by My Asho Market.
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Many thanks to my photographer Valeria Arseni!! See you tomorrow!


Monday, November 18, 2013


So for 5 days all through last week, my work wardrobe was sponsored by online boutique My Asho. The challenge was to show how wearable prints can be for an office environment  and so for 5 days in my strict London Insurance City girl life where life is rather conservative, I blended and incorporated items from My Asho Market into my daily style.

At My Asho Market, you can shop affordable branded items from renowned and emerging African fashion designers.

Would you like to see what I wore on Monday? See below:-

Embroidered Print Peplum Top: Toju Foyeh at My Asho Market
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Ring: New Look
Paired with Cream Shoes.

So there goes my easy peasy Monday look with the print courtesy of My Asho Market.

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Many thanks to my photographer Valeria Arseni!! See you tomorrow!