Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay, so I am going to blog outside my blog criteria today but I just had to show you these.
I am not a follower or enthusiast of the "VB" brand but you got to admire Victoria Beckham! For someone with such little talent she has managed to achieve stuff that even people who are amazingly talented have yet to or even dream to achieve.

From being one fifth of the world's biggest girlband pop group to now being a cutting edge fashion designer with no prior fashion qualifications or skill. Still, brand Beckham is definitely on the rise and rise.

Her fashion collections made predominantly of dresses (a mixture of red carpet, very long and day wear, very short) centres largely on her own private fashion style. With fitted, asymmetrical and very strong and bold shoulder designs as well as drapes both at the front and back.

What I would love to know is, is she a hands on designer herself? Does she decide on fabric choice? Does she draw the designs or at least tell an artist exactly how she wants a particular design to look and they draw it or is she just the brand ambassador loaning her name to a talented fashion student in the background? Hmmm, would we ever know?

Either way, I guess Victoria herself couldn't care less of the sceptics and the haters like me, lol! Her dresses are a must have and nearly every celebrity in Hollywood owns a VB dress including the queen of style herself SJP.

Check out ther AW10 collection below.
These are my favourite!

So Victoria!!

What do you guys think?
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Monday, April 19, 2010


BHF Magazine are launching a new fashion concept - a 6 issue style catalogue.

Their 52 paged style catalogue will carry a wide selection of designs from African creators which will permit them to promote these designers to a bigger audience and act as a first point of contact for sales.

According to Geoffrey Olisa the creative head behind this venture, this style catalogue aims to fill the gap that currently exists within the market - the hunger for the "Afric chic" trend.

The catalogue will be crisp, visually beautiful depicting elegant and one off pieces shot by the BHF team.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Name: Chantal Biya
Country: Cameroon
Husband: Paul Biya

Bio: Chantal Vigouroux was born in 1971 in Dimako in the East Province of Cameroon to Miss Doumé pageant winner Rosette Ndongo Mengolo and French expatriate Georges Vigoroux (some say the father is Lebanese). She spent her adolescent years in Yaoundé and in 1994 at barely 23 got married to H.E. Paul Biya nearly 40 years her senior.
Chantal Biya has established several charitable organisations, among them are African Synergy, which pursues various HIV/AIDS initiatives, and the Chantal Biya Foundation (Fondation Chantal Biya). She hosted the original First Ladies Summit in Yaoundé during the 1996 Organisation of African Unity summit. Her “Jeunesse Active pour Chantal Biya” is an organ of her husband's Cameroon People's Democratic Movement.
Last year, she was amongst the 14 African first ladies who attended a 2 day summit in LA to meet top experts to discuss how to develop and improve locally-run programs that benefit mothers and children throughout the African continent.
Since coming into the public eye, Chantal Biya has been renowned for her style as much as her charity work.

Her Style: Chantal Biya sets her own trends and is her own fashion dictator and this risqué style has made her to face ridicule amongst some of her public as well as the media. Her style is a melange of African and Western attires encompassing the all in one look (shoes and handbags to match colour of costume). In the past, she has mentioned Dior and Chanel as her favourite European labels as well as occasionally carrying her Hermes Birkin bag, while her traditional outfits are custom made, designed and sewn by tailors. Her choice of colours are bold and loud, flamboyant and over the top with costume accessories to match.

Her Makeup: Chantal Biya’s love of colour can be seen in all that she is. From her clothes to her handbags to her shoes to her makeup it is all colour colour colour! From her dark accentuated eye brows to her red cheeks, multicoloured eye shadows and bright lipsticks, it is evident that more is less in her books.

Her Hair: Which African first lady do you know with a hairstyle of their own? Hands up Chantal Biya whose huge bouffant mullet extensions dubbed the “banane” (or banana) has become her most talked about feature.

The indomnitable lioness, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Loathe her or like her, there is no denying that Chantal Biya has a unique fashion style never before seen amongst the first ladies within Africa, remarked even so by the American socialite Paris Hilton.
Flamboyant and extravagant, yes, bold and colourful, yes, over the top and outlandish, yes, but this is what has made Chantal noticeable and the most talked about African first lady of this times. From New York to Milan, London to Paris, her press relations whether good or bad is phenomenal!
What are your views?
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I hope to bring you more of Africa's fashionable first ladies so stay tuned!
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Friday, April 16, 2010


The African wax fabric is gaining more and more popularity, from New York to Paris, Douala to Niamey it is splashed across the important catwalks around the globe.

African fashion is definitely in a very good place and it has allowed more than a handful of would be designers who were very inspired by the flamboyance and vibrancy of the wax prints to take their passion further onto the international and local markets.

One such designer label is Elimonn whose pure aim is to make you feel good about yourself by bringing out the natural beauty you already have in creating designs that complement your figure, shape and size through the combination of African and Western designs into an affordable elegance.

The Elimonn client is one who loves to stand out from the crowd by appreciation their bold colour combinations and textures that are both sculptural and flattering. Their clientele is definitely one who is very fashion forward but who never sacrifice substance for style.

At Elimonn, fashion is something which defines the mystic sense that lies beneath the woven thread and they are always in pursuit of excellence through designing.

Check out their recent collection below.

Love this kimono dress!

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