Friday, April 16, 2010


The African wax fabric is gaining more and more popularity, from New York to Paris, Douala to Niamey it is splashed across the important catwalks around the globe.

African fashion is definitely in a very good place and it has allowed more than a handful of would be designers who were very inspired by the flamboyance and vibrancy of the wax prints to take their passion further onto the international and local markets.

One such designer label is Elimonn whose pure aim is to make you feel good about yourself by bringing out the natural beauty you already have in creating designs that complement your figure, shape and size through the combination of African and Western designs into an affordable elegance.

The Elimonn client is one who loves to stand out from the crowd by appreciation their bold colour combinations and textures that are both sculptural and flattering. Their clientele is definitely one who is very fashion forward but who never sacrifice substance for style.

At Elimonn, fashion is something which defines the mystic sense that lies beneath the woven thread and they are always in pursuit of excellence through designing.

Check out their recent collection below.

Love this kimono dress!

If you want more, check out their website at
Happy shopping!

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