Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hope this year has been good to you so far and I hope that 2009 will even be a better year!
Take this time to reflect on the past year and also the coming year, praying that all your wishes and dreams come true!
In all things, give thanks to GOD the almighty for his protection and provision so far.
Stay blest

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Deola Sagoe has given African fashion in the 21st century the most radical expression imaginable, from the deeply rooted African fabrics to perfectly matched accessories. Known for constantly fabulous designs, flawless colour combination, her attention to details, and her perfect finish and finesse.

As a two-time international award winner , she creates designs that truly celebrate Africa and Nigeria and is described as the African fashion designer who is ‘’best placed to interpret our cultural diversity and artistry, our earthiness and mystery, our colours warmth and passion of the African woman in her simplicity and elegance,’’

She depicts earthly feminism in tasteful designs and her refreshing exploration of that which is genuinely African evokes a subtle nostalgia for history by her favoured use of hand woven fabrics, accessories like cowries, crystals, and beads, as well as the extensive use of gold. She is well-known for her dynamic signature high fashion pieces as well as vibrant prêt-a-porter collections featuring ethnocentric silhouettes for global appreciation.

She has participated in fashion shows in America, Europe and Africa alongside fashion enigmas like Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Missoni, and was the unassuming winner of the ‘’African Designs’’ and MNET/Anglo Gold African designs 2000 (nomination by Andre Leon Tally, US Vogue editor ). Her lines have also been modelled in major International beauty pageants, including Miss Universe. Other awards and recognitions include participation in Cape Town Fashion Week (2003), The Alta Roma Moda show in Rome (2004), award winner of the Platinum Quality Award at the 10th International Star Awards in Paris (2006), and the appointment of UN Designer for the Launch of UN World Food Programme & Health Pr’s new Global campaign: CatWALK THE WORLD-Fashion For Food!

Here are some designs from her latest collections of ready to wear and haute couture and some shoe collections that I found on her website.

For more information, please visit her website on:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wellcome to the launch of Fah-Schyon, a blog promoting everything in fashion, but from Africa!

Who better to launch this site than to put someone whose job is to promote and advertise! The talent today goes by the name of Cherif Ndiaye, an African model born in Senegal, West Africa and now residing in Los Angeles, California. He has worked with the creme de la creme, the who's who in the fashion industry worldwide!

Though modelling was not his initial ambition, he has done extremely well so far making us all proud! With his chocolate brown skin, fabulously toned bod and good looks, he is capturing and captivating the world!

Herewith is my chat with this down to earth and humble lad.

FS: Who is the current president of Senegal?
Cherif: Abdoulaye Wade

FS: What has he done or not done to improve the country?
Cherif: Well, erm, he is the leader of the Democratic Party and he has done a lot to improve the general state of Senegal. He changed the regime that was there before and contributed to a better state.

FS: Do you follow the politics?
Cherif: No, not really. It is hard to follow politics in Senegal whilst being here in the States.

FS: What was your reaction to president Obama being elected? Cherif: Uh, I was delighted! I was praying for it and I urged all my friends to go out and vote for him.
FS: Did this impact you at all?
Cherif: On my life, yes. As a person, it gives me much more hope for the betterment of this country and the entire world. There is no doubt that it is a better thing for the world and a better image of America.

FS: Who is Cherif Ndiaye?
Cherif: I am a God fearing muslim. I am here in this world following on a journey which has led me to many places. I am very grateful for doing what I do and I thank God everyday as I feel no doubt that it is a blessing. I am a spiritual person, a go getter as I think nothing is impossible, I am a hard worker and I am also very humble.

FS: How has life as a model changed or not changed you?
Cherif: It has changed me so much. It has helped me to see life in a different perspective. It has also helped me get better with my own spirituality as it has taught me to be very appreciative and also made me not look at the things which are not so important. Working with top photographers has also inspired me tremendously.
FS: Would you advise anyone wishing to follow you into modelling?
Cherif; I would encourage them but I would also warn them of how competitive it is. It is constant rejection and competition. Success in it relies on other people selecting you and not vice versa. You have to be ready mentally for this and you have to strong. Your personality too is very important as modelling does not depend solely on your looks. One thing you have to remember is to be positive, to do a good job and to get on with everyone on set regardless of their duties as you never know who you may meet in the future.
FS: What has been the biggest campaign you fronted in your career so far?
Cherif: Erm..I would say having the “Target” campaign was my biggest. It was my nicest achievement too to become a household name and to be called the “face of” FS: What was the worst photo shoot you did? Cherif: There have been a few so far but I try to literally erase these from my brain!

FS: What is the secret of succeeding in life in your opinion?
Cherif: True success relies on the state of the heart, the peace of mind, your tranquillity…My moments of feeling successful is when I am at peace with my heart and myself and I achieve this through constant prayers.

FS: I love coming from Africa because.....
Cherif: I love coming from Africa because it is the SOURCE – All comes from Africa and all will eventually return. Africa will become the most powerful continent but first, we have to unite and work towards this.

FS: Have you encountered any form of racism within the modelling industry and how did you deal with it?
Cherif: Well, personally, I haven’t but obviously backstage I get to listen to a lot of comments. One event that shocked me though was when I was at this shoot, there was a white female model there too and at the end of her shoot, she was then airbrushed to look like a black model.
FS: Nooooo, that happens in the 21st Century?
Cherif: I couldn’t believe that this still happens and in this century.

FS: What advice did your parents give you when you told them about your modelling ambitions?
Cherif: Oooh, they were very sceptical at first like I was but when I started doing it I managed to convince and reassure them.

FS: What has been the reaction of your friends towards you? Any jealousy or envy?
Cherif: Well, I don’t have that many friends but those who are around me have been supportive.
FS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Cherif: I see myself very much into Hollywood, I see myself doing motion pictures. I have been taking acting lessons and even have managed to set up a production company called Aduman.

FS: That’s it! Thank you!
Cherif: Thank you too.
Well fellow fashionistas and fashion conscious loved ones I hope this blog brings you boundless pleasure and fills you with pride!
I will be doing a combination of interviews and information I collate myself whilst doing my research!
Stay tuned

Friday, November 28, 2008

WHAT is FAH-SCHYON all about?

Welcome to FAH-SCHYON your online fashion bible on all things African fashion designers, African beauty, African Style, African models!!

This blog will centre itself in promoting fashion designers, models, stylists, beauty make-up artists, photographers across the globe from African descent.

I believe that African fashion has come a long way and it is definitely going places. With the endless and vast amount of talents and vision that is around, it is becoming possible for Africa to "hold" its own before the glare of the rest of the world.

This blog will be an information portal, but I am also hoping to entertain as well as educate.
It will be a mixture of interviews and background information I collate myself as I search around ;-)

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as I will enjoy writing it.

Help me to help Africa be NUMERO UNO in the fashion world ;-)

Thanks for checking the blog