Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Africa is definitely on the international fashion radar. Everywhere you look, either you see a fashion show with reknowned African fashion designers participating or you see well known fashion publications with images of batik prints or even A list celebrities wearing batik prints!!
Okay, so we are not complaining because this is all good!

I found some images while surfing and wanted to share.

Images from Teen Vogue

Images from the newly launched "ASOS Africa Collection"

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Founded by Stha Ngwenya, the Africa fashion weekend held in Dublin this weekend is a premium fashion event bringing you some of Africa's top designers.

The event is to celebrate Africa through fashion and art. It is also an opportunity for the designers to showcase their latest designs to a new audience consisting of fashion buyers, fashion journalists, stylists, editors etc Most importantly it is a platform that creates network to encourage African fashion industry growth.

Get your tickets by calling the number on the flyer and go see an enjoyable spectacle!
Visit their website here for more info:
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Christiane King was born in Ivory Coast where she spent her childhood and college years. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade in Abidjan and interning at a top oil refinery, she realised that her passion lied somewhere else.

She then started a career in acting and soon enough the opportunity to leave Ivory Coast presented itself and she moved to Paris thereafter relocating to Los Angeles.

Experiencing both French and American cultures has allowed her to broaden her fashion sense. Today, Christiane’s collections feature designs that are strongly influenced by her life experiences. Her signature layered and textured look result from the combination of her traditional heritage with the Western culture she has been exposed to.

According to Christiane, the woman’s body is her biggest inspiration and she uses her garments to celebrate the arts and crafts of her Ivorian culture while also maintaining very modern styles and silhouettes.

Christiane launched her first Women’s wear collection in autumn 2006 and is growing bolder since then. Today Christiane King’s edgy, flirty and fun designs are gaining popularity amongst the Hollywood starlets such as Olivia Munn, lead actress on the TV show “Greek”, Katerina Graham from the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, Katie Gill from “CSI Miami” and “The Mentalist”, Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls, actress and model LisaRaye etc. She was also a contestant on Project Runway season 7.

See her autmn/winter 2010 collection below..

Would you like to get your hands on some of her stuff? Well you can shop right here
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one or two things myself. I definitely love the boldness and flirtiness of some of her designs.
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By the way, if you didn't know just to inform you that the Arise l'Afrique-a-porter took place in Paris click here to see the collection presented by David Tlale from South Africa. What a talent!
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