Sunday, April 24, 2011


Remember the spirit and commemorate as such.
Have a fabulous time!
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Friday, April 15, 2011


John Galliano has been sacked from his eponymous label, following a decision made by the company's board. The fashion house will hand the designer's responsibilities to its in-house creative team. Christian Dior SA currently owns 91 per cent of John Galliano, although there are as yet no plans to sell the brand - according to reports by WWD.
Although this is mainstream news, I feel this will have a huge impact on all fashion in general. It's a big shame as Mr Galliano is such an immense talent. What will the JG brand be without him? How will they move forward and how will they continue on what he has built up?
I wonder where he will spring up next but I doubt this will greatly impacthis career. I hope he can learn from this mistake and move on from this.

(courtesy of Vogue)
Stay fashion-ABLE!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey blog world, been MIA for a while and it's due to my hectic schedule at the moment. I would love to still be blogging so please bear with me and my sporadic posts!

Anyhow, I wanted to blog about something that is totally unconventional to the purpose of this blog nevertheless I think it a fashionable edible artefact and as such deem it appropriate to let you all know about it.

What am I referring to I hear you ask? Well let's just say that there is a new company in London town specialising in making cupcakes that look more like an artefact than a cake!

Wanna know more about this company?

Launched in 2010 and fronted by two sisters, Lollita’s cupcakes company provides freshly baked and exquisitely decorated cupcakes to suit every occasion. Driven by their creative passion, this venture was borne out of a means of releasing some artistic creativity as well as re-introducing some fashionable glamour into cake decorating!

With their inspiration ranging from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a love of colour, fashion, glamour, photography and their African Heritage, there's is no doubt that Lolita’s Cupcakes is proving to be London’s newest and hottest bakery experience!

For more information and to order, contact:
Facebook: Lolitas Cupcakes

Photo credits:
Models: Madeleine Glatz, Toyin Ogudipe
MUA: Dimple Patel (check her out on Facebook)
Photographers: Angel Sylvester, Caroline Karanja & Liote

Why not treat someone special in your life to something so fashionably glamourous and edible?!

Stay fashion-ABLE