Friday, April 15, 2011


John Galliano has been sacked from his eponymous label, following a decision made by the company's board. The fashion house will hand the designer's responsibilities to its in-house creative team. Christian Dior SA currently owns 91 per cent of John Galliano, although there are as yet no plans to sell the brand - according to reports by WWD.
Although this is mainstream news, I feel this will have a huge impact on all fashion in general. It's a big shame as Mr Galliano is such an immense talent. What will the JG brand be without him? How will they move forward and how will they continue on what he has built up?
I wonder where he will spring up next but I doubt this will greatly impacthis career. I hope he can learn from this mistake and move on from this.

(courtesy of Vogue)
Stay fashion-ABLE!

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