Friday, December 25, 2009


Today is a great and though commercialised, it is not all about the presents and the food. It is a day where we give thanks and remember the love that God has for us that he sent his only begotten son to this Earth!

Let's celebrate the good tidings of this season and rest upon the love of the moment. Let's also not forget to continue in this love all through the coming year!

Merry Christmas to you!
Stay warm and above all stay fashion-ABLE!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Another day, another showbiz event!
This time KiRette Couture, the most talked about up and coming fashion label from Cameroon were showcasing their new collection on the catwalk in Lagos organised by Dele Momodu of Ovation magazine.

Some pictures of the event below...

Ms Kibonen Nfi of KiRette Couture

Photos by Kelen Ndzelen
Stay Fashion-ABLE!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Designer: Christine Mhando
Label: Chichia London
Collection: "Made in Dar" (She was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and raised in London, UK)
Signature fabric: Khanga - traditional East African cottom printed fabric used by women as wraps.

Check out some pieces from her new collection below!

Fabulous model as well!!!
Go to their website here

Stay Fashion-ABLE!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Bamenda is set to come alive on December 27 with a glamorous fashion show organised by KiRette Couture, a classy traditional-chic fashion label that produces exquisite haute-couture handcrafted and limited edition pieces.

Bamenda is not only home to an Anglophone minority in predominantly French-speaking Cameroon - it also bears the stigma of a socio-economically moribund city in the West African country that is little known except for its talented soccer team.

But according to Kibonen Nfi, co-founder of KiRette Couture, this stigma is about to change as the event is more than just a Fashion Show. Nfi and her partner, Anrette Ngafor conceived Bamenda Rocks! as a celebration of the massive cultural and intellectual wealth that Bamenda has exported to other parts of the country and the Diaspora.

“Bamenda produces luminaries in every industry in Cameroon, albeit often under-recognised. By organizing this show, KiRette Couture is leading a revolution that will not only exact the recognition we are due, but also encourage the talented people of Bamenda to come back home and invest in the development of their culture, their people, and their resources. That is the inspiration behind Bamenda Rocks!”

Sponsored by Africa’s largest mobile network, MTN, Bamenda Rocks! will feature other local and international designers as well as musicians from Bamenda. One of the local stars billed to perform is Sidney, 2008 winner of Africa Star (a regional Central African version of Idols). Joining the bill is Bamenda-born international success story, Wax aka Nde Ndifonka, a South African-based writer, singer and producer whose endorsements ironically include the City of Johannesburg. Cameroon’s hottest boy band, X Maleya will add some French flavour to the show, while sassy crooner Ga L will provide some eye and ear candy for the men.

Bamenda deserves its place in the Cameroonian and international spotlight, and who better to lead the revolution than KiRette Couture’s dynamic duo, Kibonen and Anrette.

Bamenda Rocks! Fashion Show takes place on Sunday 27 December 2009 at Ayaba Hotel from 5-9pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Some proceeds of this show will be donated to the Our Lady of Fatima Handicap Centre, Bambili.

Check out some of KiRette Couture's bold new summer collection below.

If you'll be in Cameroon over December, go support y'all!
Stay Fashion-ABLE!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Saw this on the Bella Naija website and I was speechless! Wow, what an inspiration and an amazing imagination from the designer!

Who is the designer? Well, Samantha Cole is her name and she is a fabulous Nigerian designer based here in the UK with cutting edge pieces that are truely timeless and very creative.

Check out these pics!

Her new collection above is termed WARRIOR and she also spoke to Bella Naija about her inspiration and choice of fabric for this collection. Check it out here
I would love to see more cutting edge pieces and even haute couture pieces rocking the African runway. Our African designers are doing amazing things but they also have to keep stepping up their game.
The competition seems fierce, but it is all healthy!
Stay Fashion-ABLE!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The premier of the Camer Couture fashion showcase saw an eclectic mix of media representatives from the BBC, New African Woman, The Voice, Arise Magazine, Cameroon Gazette, VoxAfrica and OHTV etc as well as a crowd that was more cosmopolitan than the London streets! It is only therefore fair to say that this event was the most talked about showcase within the community and beyond!!

From Hong Kong to Germany, Cameroon to Nigeria, South Africa to Australia, the Camer Couture showcase has received wide interests from afar. Following on from this enormous success and huge turnout, the 2010 event is kick starting with a bang!

Are you a designer with Cameroonian origins?
Would you like to participate in the 2010 showcase?
Would you like to be part of this unique and chic event which Camer Couture is?
Are you passionate, determined and creative?
Are you calm under pressure and able to deliver high quality garments?

If the answer is YES, then Camer Couture needs YOU!!

Their Criteria for selection is:
· The participant should be emerging, with a business name and should be in business under one label name if already established.
· Collections should be ready to wear or couture and be exclusive to the Camer Couture Fashion showcase.
· The maximum number of garments to be shown is 15 and minimum 10.

Their Requirements are:
· Designer biography/CV.
· Label background.
· Label logo.
· Colour images of most recent collection (x10, high resolution, excellent quality).
· 100 words synopsis about your label for publicity purposes.
· Any experience/participation at international/local fashion events.
· Any awards recognition.
· A recent fashion portfolio (this will be returned after the selection process).
· 1 single garment from your recent collection (this will be returned after the selection process).
· A registration fee of £200 (payable once accepted).
· All required documents to be received by 28 February 2010.

For further information, please email
Please also go to our website:
Find us on Facebook: Camer Couture

If you would like to model, be a stylist, makeup artist or hairstylist at the show please email them. If you would also like to be a photographer or videographer on the day, please email them with your details.

Don't miss this opportunity. You could be featured on the BBC or on Bella Naija!
Check the links below for the premier coverage of their show.
Stay Fashion-ABLE!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kristen Malan, an advertising and marketing guru turned jewellery maker scooped first prize at the AuDitions Urban Tribes design competition held 3 days ago at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, South Africa.

The judges were unanimous in selecting Kristen's 18 carat gold and perspex bubble arm piece entitled Molecular Truth and a gold sickle-weave cell phone cage entitled Hands Off as the wining pieces.

While Malan was always drawn to colour, she officially opened her own jewellery design business in June 2008. She decided to enter the competition because the design brief was so amazing and in her opinion it was the most prestigious competition in South Africa.

Molecular Truth

Hands Off

In second place was Eduard Classen

His piece entitled The Pollinator

In third place was Lincoln Mokoena

His piece entitled Deco & Wine Cellar Fellow

For more of the story, click here
Do you live in South Africa and are looking for work within the SA fashion industry?
Well click here and may lady luck be with you!
Stay fashion-ABLE!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The new ‘Frozen Dreams’ fabric collection from Vlisco inspires you to splash your life with your dreams. As you sense reality fading away, kaleidoscopic patterns evoke hallucinations that surpass the imagination. This cutting edge collection encapsulates a range of distinct emotions, a landscape of dreams that reverberates with compelling wonders.

A haven where dazzling greens and blues and intense yellows are pacified by adoring pinks. The vivid colour palette intensifies the delicate strength of the designs. Precious gemstones and psychedelic ornaments form strikingly graphic designs and a contrasting sensation alongside warm, feminine energy.

While the romantic wavy layered designs prolong your dreamy mood, the outspoken ones capture your visions. Together they tell a poetic tale, a legend that reveals the wonders over and over again. This collection can also be enjoyed as part of the ‘Frozen Dreams’ fashion & accessories collection available in Vlisco Boutiques as of November.

The words beautiful, stunning, elegant are not enough to describe these!

Stay fashion-ABLE!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Who would have thought that incorporating the ankara or lace materials into an invitation would create someting so unique and beautiful?

Well, meet Ola-Tokunbo Morin-Muhammed aka "Toksy" a talented and creative young Nigerian/American lady who saw the ankara and lace fabrics as something more than wearable!

Her designs are breathtaking, they are beautiful, chic and one of a kind and very befitting of her slogan..."May your occasion be Ijorere - A day that is grand".

Well you know you certainly will have a grand day with Ijorere as your invitation maker!

Here below is her interview, I couldn't resist talking to her. Happy Reading!

FS: What is the concept behind Ijorere invitations?
Ola-Tokunbo:IJORERE (pronounced e-jaw-ray-ray) started as an idea to change the minds of Africans that do not understand the importance of “The Invitation”. I say African, because you know how “our people” can be, they would rather print out flyers or go for $1.00 Invites. They just don’t think it’s that important.
An Invitation is that 1st taste of what is to come. It is by the invitation that you know what kind of class the event will be… Thus comes the slogan “After all, your day comes but once, Shouldn’t it be IJORERE, A Day that is Grand? I decided to alter their minds by providing invites you simply couldn’t throw away. IJORERE are keepsake Luxurious & Eco-friendly handmade Invitations that celebrates the uniqueness of all cultures.

FS: How did you get the initial idea off the ground into a budding business?
Ola-Tokunbo: I started out 7 years ago creating my own wedding invitations. Of course they were beautiful and enquiring minds wanted to know who made them, shocked to discover I did them myself. I really don’t know why they were so surprised though, since I’ve always been a designer. Anyway, I ended up making invites for family & friends and loved handcrafting so much, it dawned on me that this was “Design” I was made to do. I had a friend design me a logo that made a bold statement, brainstormed a unique unused business name (courtesy of my mother), registered my company, trademarked my logo, found a photographer whom understood how to capture the beauty of IJORERE Invites & found a creative web designer for my website. Wah lah! IJORERE was born.

FS: Mixing Ankara and lace in an invitation card is not something that easily comes to mind but you have done it and it looks absolutely beautiful, what made you decide to do this?
Ola-Tokunbo: I did a lot of search on invitations before going forth on this idea. I wanted to set myself apart from the rest. I didn’t want to be another “cliché” invitation designer. I saw patterns of fabric incorporated on stationery but then I thought why create a pattern on paper when you can use the pattern itself? I also noticed the patterns, would be European, Contemporary. Some even had ethnic inspired patterns that were Indian or Asian but I hadn’t seen African patterns. The idea came literally at a moment of inspiration: the proverbial light-bulb experience, I went into my closet, took all the beautiful left over pieces of my lace & Ankara and work it in to my invitation samples…it worked!

FS: Where can people order Ijorere invitations?
Ola-Tokunbo: By visiting

FS: How can they contact you?
Ola-Tokunbo: They can contact me by email on: or by phoning 001.312.401.3956.

FS: You said you have always been a designer, I take it you come from a creative background?
Ola-Tokunbo: Yes, I am an Architect by profession, I studied Architecture and obtained a Bachelors degree in 2001 and I’ve always had a love for art & design ever since I was 10 months old (so my mom claims). Designing has always come easy for me and I recollect a story once of my dad and how he would take a pencil to bed and draw my mom on the sheets while she was sleeping. She would awake only to be completely vexed with art all over the bed sheets! LOL…so I most have inherited these skills from my dad…I guess you could say I am just born this way ;-)

FS: Any advise to the budding entrepreneurs out there?
Ola-Tokunbo: You know Cynthia, I truly believe every one of us is born with “That something special” …so I’m not an expert in a lot of things, but I do know I have an eye for Art. My advice to others is to do as you will & follow your heart...But do so with your eyes WIDE WIDE open. The most successful people in the world do what they do best!

Well you've read the story, you know how to contact Ola-Tokunbo, now see the creations!

You know where to go for your next invitation!
May your occasion be IJORERE - A day that is grand indeed!
Stay fashion-ABLE!