Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The new ‘Frozen Dreams’ fabric collection from Vlisco inspires you to splash your life with your dreams. As you sense reality fading away, kaleidoscopic patterns evoke hallucinations that surpass the imagination. This cutting edge collection encapsulates a range of distinct emotions, a landscape of dreams that reverberates with compelling wonders.

A haven where dazzling greens and blues and intense yellows are pacified by adoring pinks. The vivid colour palette intensifies the delicate strength of the designs. Precious gemstones and psychedelic ornaments form strikingly graphic designs and a contrasting sensation alongside warm, feminine energy.

While the romantic wavy layered designs prolong your dreamy mood, the outspoken ones capture your visions. Together they tell a poetic tale, a legend that reveals the wonders over and over again. This collection can also be enjoyed as part of the ‘Frozen Dreams’ fashion & accessories collection available in Vlisco Boutiques as of November.

The words beautiful, stunning, elegant are not enough to describe these!

Stay fashion-ABLE!

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