Thursday, August 19, 2010


How glamourous and sexy is this lady? Very very fashionable!!
(Pic from Mrs O blog)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Theresa Burger is a jewellery designer that spends most of her time in Cape Town, South Africa and Dublin, Ireland. She is very passionate about design and she has a degree in jewellery design and manufacture.
Below are some of the pieces from her new collection she termed "Africa Rich"

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Michelle Obama, the first lady of the US was papped on Friday wearing this batik dress by our very own London designer of Nigerian descent; Bunmi Olaye during her trip in Spain.

The label Bunmi Koko was launched last year by Bunmi Olaye and her partner and so far so good for the designer who has managed to accumulate a celebrity following now including the first lady and her muse, Melanie Brown (former spice girl).

Reported interest from high street giants Harrods could escalate this brand further to an even higher status due to its niche clientele.

With a feature on Vogue online, the future is certainly bright for this young entrepreneur!
Go here for more on the feature.
Her website:

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Oh what a discovery I just made today on another fashion blog! I hereby bring you Clutch Culture the lovechild of diverse colours and rich prints that come together to create a very unique collection of clutch purses designed and hand-made by Mo Handahu.

According to this lady, fabrics have no boundaries when it comes to texture, colour and print, which gives her a platform to experiment and find harmonious ways to match different fabrics. This, and a desperate need of self expression through this timeless accessory has birthed the Clutch Culture brand.

The name Clutch Culture comes from a desire to create an integrated attitude within women. A collective mindset that encompasses an appreciation for the colours and prints that the world has to offer; ergo, a culture.

These versatile clutches can cross over from day to evening wear. Clutch Culture is for fashion savvy women who are unapologetic about their awareness of self and have surrendered themselves to originality. The collections will encourage women to renew their sense of exploration and wander back into the world of colour.

Clutch Culture is an embodiment of beautiful batiks, gorgeous printed cottons, West African wax prints and a plethora of other materials. All clutches are handmade and each individual style has only a limited amount of clutches to allow for exclusivity.

Enjoy being a woman and re-define your style with Clutch Culture - Never be apologetic for your sense of self and style!

Check out these fab beauties!

Would you like to get your hands on these?? Well, don't fret as you can purchase online via her site here.
Happy shopping!

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