Sunday, July 13, 2014


Last Thursday July 10th in Paris, world renowned Cameroon designer Imane Ayissi had his collection launch in Paris. We received our invitation but however could not attend *sad face* while browsing I fall on a link with the images of the show combined with some on Imane's Facebook Page.

Imane Ayissi takes a different approach but still staying true to his brand in this new 2015 Spring Summer collection which is dubbed "Meullara". He makes a demi tour on his usual fabric choice opting for something fresh and unique. In it we see a display of African textiles, something from Ghana, from Mali, from Ivory Coast...with large boxy cuts that hides or accentuates, cropped tops, fitted ankle trousers, flared skirts, and very long and short elegant skirts. All together, the collection is fresh, chic and simple. I would have opted for a different hair and makeup styles for the models but it seems Imane was really being rebellious with this collection so I can only applaud his efforts.

Check out some of the images below...what cool shoes they had!!

What are your thoughts on the collection? Tell us!!

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