Monday, January 26, 2009


BHF Magazine is a new online and print magazine founded in 2007 by Geoffrey and Jennifer Olisa. It is a quarterly publication directed at everyone with the aim to present an accurate view of what it means to be African by bringing to the forefront the modern, forward-thinking, business orientated, proud to be African and doing it for themselves individuals through Fashion, Art culture etc and shattering the widely popular notion of Africa as a backwards, coarse and uncultured continent.

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oyindamolalawal said...

hi, i love your blog. just heard about that mag, well will look out for it. check out my blog too----

Fah-schyonysta said...

Thx you so much!
Keep checking, I will check yours now too ;-)

Brenda's Skinny Bish said...

Also following your blog!
Love what you're doing.
Mine is: