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Virgos lounge is a vintage brand created by three virgos, Fioye Akinsola, Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola and Adenike Ajanaku. They aim to supply classic vintage pieces. What makes them different from others is that some of the pieces have been altered to give a modern day and fashionable twist.

FS: How did you 3 meet?
VL: Fioye and Oye are sisters and Nike and Fioye met through Nikes cousin a while back and not a long while after Nike and Oye met in a little village called Steyning, where they unfortunately had to go to

FS: Why did you start Virgos Lounge?
VL: Virgos Lounge started on a random day in summer 2008, vintage is something we are all passionate about so we decided to start a business selling vintage clothes. Also, alot of people tend to like vintage clothes when they see it on others but cant be bothered with going through the heap of junk in most vintage stores. So we decided to do the hard work for you guys but we enjoy it anyway..:-)

FS: Who are your style inspirations?
VL: Mine is a bit of a random mix of people- Princess Diana, The Olsen twins, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Alexa Chung, Aunt Viv and Hilary Banks from fresh (Oye).
I like Rihannas style alot but i dont have any particular style inspiration. I get inspiration from everywhere (Nike).
Solange, Olsen twins, Rihanna (Fioye)

FS: Why vintage fashion?
VL: We love vintage because of its unique nature and really most things in stores right now are being recycled from another decade, alot of vintage inspired looks on the catwalk so we thought why not go straight to the source.

FS: For the 2 of you who are still in Uni, how do you manage to combine these two?
VL: We are all still in Uni, its not really difficult to balance the two because its something we really enjoy doing we all love fashion and dont mind spending all our free time developing our brand.

FS: For Fioye who runs the real hair boutique...why do you think black women (or women in general) are so obsessed with their hair?
VL: From a personal point of view, i think having fabulous looking hair can turn a sour day into a fantastic day. Having good looking hair, be it natural or hair extensions adds to a womans confidence (Fioye).

FS: What is / are your goals in life?
VL: My goal is to be a very successful business woman and mother and i also aspire to be a wardrobe stylist alongside my dear friend Oyeyemi. (Nike).
My goal is ultimately to be a great wife and mother. Also, to be successful in all business ventures I take part in especially in relation to fashion. I hope we are able to take Virgos Lounge somewhere even beyond my imagination (Oye).
My goal is to be the best i can possibly be with the help of God (Fioye).

FS: Where do you hope to be in 5 years with this brand?
VL: In five years time we hope to have concessions in major stores worldwide and a massive store in Lagos selling vintage pieces ofcourse and a whole range of other things.

FS: Where do you get your vintage pieces from?
VL: We source our vintage clothes from different places across England, from London to the Midlands and even all the way up in Yorkshire.

FS: When is your website live?
VL: The website is expected to go live in June, 2009

What do the Virgo girlies look like, well check out their profiles below :-))

Fioye Akinsola- 23 yrs old.
Graduated from Keele University with a degree in human resource management and business adminstration. Currently studying for a masters degree at LSE (london school of eccononics). She has a business called the real hair boutique (suppliers of hair extensions) She's the one who keeps it all together. She also loves and knows about her hair and make up

Oyeyemi Wemi-akinsola- 20 yrs old.
Currently studying for a degree in psychology at Aston University (to graduate in June). She is addicted to vintage and has a great eye for putting clothes together. She's an aspiring stylist and also the creative one who comes up with brilliant concepts and ideas.

Adenike Ajanaku- 21 yrs old.
Currently studying for a degree in International Relations and economics at Loughborough University.She has a passion for fashion and is also an aspiring stylist (both Nike and Oye are starting up a fashion styling company). She makes the whole experience alot of fun with her great sense of humour.
For more information on purchasing the clothes visit
Models: Ijay Onumonu, Omowunmi Wemi-Akinsola, Simisola Falae, Noella Ndukwe, Mama Musa, Tayo Olabiran, Foluke Onamusi

Make-up By: Fioye Akinsola
Hair Extensions supplied by; The Real Hair Boutique,
Stylists: Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola, Adenike Ajanaku.
FS: Fah-schyon
VL: Virgos Lounge
whatever you do, stay Fashion-ABLE


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