Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Blink and look again and you will see the same thing twice but on a different level. A double layer, seemingly rigid, flowing in sync with the rapid movement of the fabric, says the Vlisco website.

The collection, a true celebration of textiles, embraces various textile techniques. Experience the passionate warmth of a soft colour scheme containing both romantic pinks and reds and subtle greens and blues, resulting in silky smooth combinations that can be blended endlessly.

Express your femininity by donning the curved shapes of straight and bold designs. Controlled structures contrasted with light shades give the fabric the illusion of a third dimension.

The fabric itself is an artistic tool that only needs your personal touch for the ultimate 3D creation. Adorn yourself in ‘Touch of Sculpture’ and express who you really are. This collection can also be enjoyed as part of the ‘Touch of Sculpture’ fashion & accessories collection available in Vlisco Boutiques starting end of August.

The new ‘Touch of Sculpture’ fabric collection from Vlisco teases the senses, so let go and let your senses be titilated.....

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Anonymous said...

i beg oh! that first dress has my name all over it lol


Fah-schyonysta said...

Lol, Ngummy!

Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your blog and discover ciaafrique trough your blog as well. You guys pretty much post about the same things .THis was posted there 2 days ago.Maybe you guys should merge your powers together and make it the biggest website African Has ever known..
PS: I love love that second dressssssssss>>>>>>>

Fah-schyonysta said...

Thanks anon 8.55,thanks for this advice. For the moment I am ultimately busy with my other blog and other projects that I wont have time to fully commit to something that big but hey, who knows...

Tokunbo Muhammed said...

OMG! Wow...this is fah-bu-licious!!