Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Kahindo Mateene, the brainchild behind Modahnik, believes in making women look and feel the best in figure enhancing original designs made by beautiful strong women.

Kahindo, born in Uganda but of a Congolese heritage was truly raised all across Africa due to the nature of her father's job as a diplomat who worked for the Organisation of African Unity, now known as the African Union.

This opportunity means she lived in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Niger etc and this gave her a deep rooted unabashed love for the continent that she calls home.

Her fashion sense emerged not only from her surroundings and travels, but also from the very stylish colorful beautiful designs her late mother wore during the 70s.

After getting an International Business degree in 1999 and working in corporate America, she decided to follow her passion and enrolled in the highly acclaimed Fashion Design Program at the Illinois Institute of Art.

In 2005, with another Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in hand she unrelentlesly started her journey and dream of creating a clothing line.

The name Modahnik (pronounced mode-ah-nique), is an anagram composed of her first name and the first initial of her last, and a play on the French and Italian words “mode” or “moda,” which mean “fashion.”

She has also featured in the "I wear African" fashion showcase hosted by African Vibes Magazine earlier on this year as well as the Extravaakhanga show.

Below are some of her designs.

For more information, please visit her website
Stay Fashion-ABLE!

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