Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello fellow fashion lovers! I hope I have not been M.I.A for too long ;-)

For your information, my blog Fah-schyon going forward will be known as  Fah-schyon Lab 101.

My initial aim for starting this blog was to solely focus on bringing to the forefront as well as advising my readers of the new names/happenings within fashion and beauty from Africa.

However, due to the rising number of other blogs that focus on this same aspect I have decided to take a different route which I believe will set my blog apart as well as "open some eyes" to enable some development/enlightenment within the African fashion and beauty sphere.

What I have noticed and read during these past years is that many people feel that purchasing some fabrics and picking up the latest fashion magazines and taking them to their tailors to sew makes them a fashion designer.

What seems to be lacking is a real desire to equip themselves by piling on the knowledge of what running a fashion business and being a fashion designer is all about. Fashion is not just about style or throwing things together to achieve a look, it is a business which should you choose to get into, is better if you are well equipped beforehand.

To run a fashion business, it is essential you gain some knowledge about the field either through studying a fashion degree or through an apprenticeship programme with an established fashion organisation or brand.

Fah-schyon Lab 101 will therefore be a fashion critic blog focusing on dissecting and laying bare the African fashion and beauty labels/brands and fashion events/shows that are out there or springing up within the scene. I intend to look at the marketing and branding structure as well as/or contrast them with other mainstream brand(s) which I believe is their competition.

I aim to also focus on the marketing and branding processes of some of the mainstream luxury and high street brands in order to generate some ideas for brand growth for the African designers.

Please feel free to comment or drop me an email at: brownschuga@yahoo.com

See you soon and stay Fashionable!

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