Friday, January 27, 2012


Last week’s #talkafricafashion discussion was very interesting. Our topic was "how designers should relate to bloggers (etiquette)" and it was hosted by US blogger @Ciaafrique.

So designers, these are the things you should do!
  • Make your email personal and specific. Do not send out an email with cc'ed addresses. If you must, bcc your mails.
  • Ensure you check you have the right addressee’s name. Nothing worse than sending an email to Mary and addressing her as Jane or John as Mark (you get my drift!)...Yikes!
  • Respect the bloggers.
  • Do not call up or repeatedly email the bloggers to harras them to publish your post. It’s their choice.
  • Research the blogger’s site and send your request accordingly.

Here are a few tips by one blogger participant @Mister_Mobility on how to position your blog.
  1. Make up your mind that you are not a news media. 
  2. That eliminates the need to publish every bit of news that comes your way.
  3. Set up a section/category for PR/Media as a paid service. 
  4. Do features on items that interest you. Stay objective though. No hating.
  5. Excellence is required. If you want to get paid, put in the work.
So remember bloggers that you are influencers!!

Thanks to all those who joined in and contributed.

So until next time, join us this Sunday around 2pm UK time for another dose of #talkafricafashion on Twitter.

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