Friday, November 22, 2013


So I have come to the end of the #Print4AWeek challenge. Incase you didn't know, the #Print4AWeek challenge was set up when renowned online boutique My Asho twitted me on Twitter and asked if I would wear print as a challenge. As if!!

Yes of course I replied back in a shot and asked if they were kidding and they said they were serious and after a few DMs  and emails to and fro, we settled everything and I picked up a few pieces which included items from Toju Foyeh, YouMeWe, Bestow Elan, Kiki Clothing, Mina Evans and Christie Brown.

So what was the aim of the challenge? To show how effective and appropriate print can be even in the strictest and most conservative of office environments. Here is how I incorporated mine...

Monday Look - Toju Foyeh embroidered peplum top

Tuesday Look - YouMeWe print wrap skirt

Wednesday Look - Bestow Elan Metropolis peplum

Thursday Look - Kiki Clothing Tunic print dress

And my Friday Look consisted of the Button Bib Necklace by Ghanaian brand Christie Brown. Images below...

So there you have it!! 5 days wearing 5 different print items in my conservative insurance City girl life!!
So I am sad to say bye bye to the #Print4AWeek challenge all sponsored by My Asho Market, your online destination for affordable African brands. 

You can shop here:

Many thanks to Dolapo and Dolapo at My Asho. Many thanks to my photographer friend Valeria Arseni.

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