Friday, July 3, 2009


Samantha Cole London is an International award winning contemporary British Brand that draws influences from modern day trends without completely relying on it for direction and purpose of her collections.

She's a designer who has always had a passion and flair for fashion and was able to explore and develop this through The London College of Fashion were she graduated with a degree and The Southampton Institute of Higher Education. Samantha has worked in the design room of Burberry's and showcased at New York Fashion Week 08 where she received an international award for best womenswear designer.

The Typical SCL customer wears this label to make a statement and convey a characteristic of their personality through unspoken words.

She challenges the definition of style and beauty and aims to make each garment an independant design capable of holding it's own but still conveniently resides within the scope of the collection.

SCL's philosophy is to interprete a trend, a thought, a mood by de-constructing the obvious signals projected and re-defining the concept to produce silhouettes that acknowledge the past, have a sense of the future and recognises that their are no limits or boundaries to fashion just to ourselves......

SCL is currently focused on developing her womenswear brand that caters to image conscious, confident, independant discerning women who dare to be different, set-apart, unapologetic and enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Love it!

According to her website, her Spring/Summer collection 2009 has been developped using a simple palette of black, white and pale peach in natural fabrics of cotton, silk organza, silk taffeta and raw silk with accents of black lace and satin trims.
The collection has been loosely inspired by the Edwardians with hints of Victorian sprinkled with soft Goth influences.
I definitely think her recent collection is subtle and mysterious with a hint of goth like influences.
I feel her!
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Stay Fashion-ABLE!

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