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Samata's Muse clothing label for women was created by award winning designer Samata Angel.

The label focuses on creating stunning, unique pieces and counts Jennifer Lopez, Dawn (Dainty Kane) and Gwen Stefani as keen supporters.

Here below is an interview Samata Angel gave to Fah-schyon.
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FS: What is the concept behind the Samata’s Muse brand?

SA: With Samata’s Muse I wanted to start a business that would be a tribute and inspiration to the women around me and the role models in my life who inspire me daily. I decided to design clothing for women and make the celebration of women part of my company’s ethos, ‘to create stunning, unique pieces for strong, ambitious women.’

FS: Did you always know you wanted to become a fashion designer?

SA: No, I knew I wanted to be involved in the creative industry and fashion design was something I fell into.

FS: How did you stumble upon this career then?

SA: I think I was inspired to start my label after working for a boutique in Chelsea, London. I was surrounded by beautiful clothing and thrown into the industry and the whole experience was so inspirational that I knew I wanted to do something of my own.

FS: What made you write the “Fashioning your life” books?

SA: I think I decided that I wanted to write these books because I noticed a need for a certain type of assistance for fashion designers. I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge in certain areas that my creative friends struggled with such as business plan preparation, marketing advice and trade show participation. I also wanted to just share a little bit of my story because a lot of the time I was being asked ‘What did you do? What were your experiences?’

FS: How are these books doing in the market?

SA: It is going really well, they sold out online Amazon in Canada and their success has definitely been helped by the contributions from the likes of photographer Nigel Barker (America’s Next Top Model), celebrity stylist Nick Ede (Project Catwalk ) and Jenny Holloway (Fashion Capital founder).

FS: You are constantly featured in magazines, how does this exposure affect your brand?

SA: It definitely helps you in terms or press and networking. I think that once your name starts getting out there people start coming to you too. Dawn Richards got in touch with me after seeing my label profiled on a popular website for example – that was amazing.

FS: Who would you love to dress / style?

SA: Right now Michelle Obama – she has a classic but edgy style – she is willing to take risks and looks good in everything I have seen her in so far!

FS: Where do you see the Samata Muse brand heading?

SA: I would say there is a progression happening, from menswear, accessories and developing into a lifestyle brand. There are definitely more educational projects and more creativity!

FS: If you were not a fashion designer, what else would you have loved to do?

SA: Film or TV I think, something creative and expressive. Either that or I would have set up an orphanage – I love love love kids. I sponsor a child in Haiti and I know I will do more when I am in the position to be able to.

FS: You recently launched your website, how easy was that?

SA: Very hard! It took a lot of time to get SamataAngel.com off the ground as I had so much information to collate and I just wanted to have a platform that really explained to people what I do and simplified it. The showreel took ages as there was a lot of content to gather.

FS: You won the 2008 young entrepreneur of the year award, what did that award mean to you?

SA: It was such a huge acknowledgement and so it meant a great deal to me because it was really like a pat on the back and showed industry support.

FS: Public speaking is something that you have to do when you are in the public eye, how do you cope with that?

SA: I really enjoy it now – at first to make myself relax I would just imagine people dressed in the most ridiculous outfits and that would make me laugh. Now it is much less daunting and it feels like second nature!

FS: Do you have any tips on public speaking?

SA: I would say project your voice, don’t talk to the floor and smile – it puts you and those watching you at ease.

FS: What advice do you have for anyone wishing to go into the fashion market?

SA: I would say be yourself, be open minded and learn how to create learning opportunities for yourself - have your own unique style and make an effort to talk to people! Don’t get intimidated by the flashy events as people are just people. Success in fashion requires qualities such as an exceptional creative talent and ability, a keen eye for detail and good communication skills.

FS: Being from Ghana, what do you think of the African fashion scene at the moment?

SA: I am itching to get involved in it! I am working on a idea right now with the African scene in mind. The facts are that so many key trends in the west have originated from Africa, too many to name (I was having a chuckle with a friend when we saw the Ghana-Must-Go bags on the runway of LV), so the question of whether the creativity is there is a no-brainer. The question is can the infrastructure be set up right so that people can see if for what it is – a competitive fashion continent with competitive fashion capitals.
FS: Which African fashion designers do you admire?

SA: I love Deola Sagoe – I love her designs and also the fact that she is always evolving, growing and raising her own bar. She always comes back better than before.
FS: Do you foresee an African city or cities successfully competing with the European fashion weeks?

SA: Yes – I would have to say Accra but I am biased being from Ghana. Failing that I have heard amazing things about Johannesburg, although I have not there been myself yet.
FS: What in your opinion is the secret to success?

SA: I always say this when asked, I believe that all the so called secrets of success will never work, unless you do.

FS: And the secret to being a great business pioneer?

SA: Confidence, faith and dedication.
FS: In 3 words, what is Africa to you?

SA: So Much Love
FS: Fah-schyon
SA: Samata Angel
Wow, what an amazing and inspirational young woman! Kudos to her and a big congrats on the SamataAngel brand.
To go to her website, http://www.samataangel.com/
The clothing website: http://www.samatasmuse.com/
Thanks for checking the blog.
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Sade said...

I love this designer loads thanks for great interview she is a huge inspiration

Ciaa said...

I love Samata. i have posted about her a while ago. This is a great Interview. She is really an inspiration. And about the book its still sold out in canada I have searching for it for a while now .
Thanks Girl

Eugenio F said...

Samata is a massive inspiration with it all - beauty, brains and a soul! I love her and thanks for this great interview!!!! @ Ciaa you can get the books here http://stores.lulu.com/samataangel?cid=lb_book

Angela N said...

Samata just won a design comp! She is off to the Oscars!!!