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Today I will be looking at the concept of brand positioning in the marketing of the Kreyann’ fashion label founded 10 years ago by the Cameroonian Anna Ngann Yonn an ex Esmod Paris student.

Positioning is, “The act of designing the company's offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customers’ minds” (Kotler 1997).

Positioning is not about the product but actually what the customer thinks about the product or organisation. Therefore it is about visibility and recognition of what a product represents to a buyer.


·         Females

·         Open minded

·         Understands world cultures

·         Understands fashion and trends

·         Well travelled

·         Professional


·         20-65


·         Kreyann’ positions itself as an exclusive high end womenswear brand in Cameroon and beyond for its high end price tag and exclusive branding techniques although it does not follow advertising rules to emphasise this.


·         Exclusive

·         Luxurious

·         Attention to detail

·         One off pieces

·         Ready to wear and made to measure

·         Quality fabrics

·         Well decorated studio positioned in the affluent business quarters of Douala.


·         Limited stockists

·         Not well known outside of Cameroon and in the Anglophone fashion world either.



·         An online store would be an asset. It would enable those outside of Cameroon to be able to purchase pieces easily.

·         Increase the number of stockists to also ensure visibility in new territories/markets.

·         Increase their advertising and communication strategies to ensure that the brand has some visibility.

·         Increase their partnerships and associations with the Anglophone media to ensure wide coverage and visibility for the brand.

·         Create an illusion of youth culture by maybe introducing a more fresh and poppy look targeting the younger segments of their target market.

 Some images from Kreyann' 10 year show K-Walk in Douala November 2001

Kreyann’ reseller:
La Boutique Extraordinaire
67, rue Charlot
75003 Paris

All images by SDR

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